Crossing the Creek

Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”  Helen Keller


“We all prepare for our own death by the manner in which we live our lives. Skilled clinicians can be a great help, but we each bear the ultimate burden of responsibility for how we live and how we die.” (Michael Holmes: Crossing the Creek). Every person experiences a wide variety of transitions during the course of his or her lifetime until finally we face the transition we call death. The latter is not negotiable

Our objective is to provide a better understanding of the dying process: The transition from life to death. Clinicians, caregivers, friends, family, even the dying person, can find comfort in a sensitive approach to the process of dying and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects associated with it.

This site is officially approved by author Michael Holmes, for the hosting and free download of his book Crossing the Creek. The book provides encouragement, so that rather than being unexpected and frightening, the steps of the dying process can be anticipated and understood to have a purpose.

Crossing the Creek is a guide, intended to provide dying people and their caregivers with a general description of what they can expect to encounter and to provide an understanding of the dying process i.e. what is happening and why. Understanding decreases anxiety and fosters a sense of confidence. It also steers family members towards doing things that are helpful and not doing things that are actually harmful.

Our readers will find supportive and useful information and links to relevant websites of organisations/care centers, hospices, etc. The download of the book Crossing the Creek is free of charge. 

O, Branderbruising diep en sag,

O koele bloute van die see,

neem nou ‘n mens wat huiw’rend wag

vir ewig oor die Deining mee.

(Afrikaans excerpt from poem by: C.M. v.d. Heever,  Oor die Deining)

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